Level Up TV covering DreamHack Winter 2011 on site


Once again we are pleased to announce that www.levelupyourgame.net will be present, on site, this year during DreamHack Winter (24-27 November) to provide Official Coverage for the Quake Live duel and TDM tournaments.

This is our 5th consecutive DreamHack event after having covered the Winter 2009, Summer 2010, Winter 2010 and Summer 2011 events, therefore we aim to bring you, as always, the best possible coverage.

Ziggy “nVc” Orzeszek and Stuart “Disrepute” Evans will be your dedicated casters for the tournaments. We will try to pair them with the various pro players in attendance as much as we can, and of course James “2GD” Harding may also be jumping on stream whenever he’s available.

On top of that we’d like to welcome our latest addition  Antoine “sharpe” Goeuriot who will be on site with our crew, working on highlights of the day, interviews and much more. You can enjoy his short hype video for our coverage below:

Download Movie

The setup will be pretty much the same as the one used during DreamHack Summer 2011, so be sure to expect a free 60 fps, 720p stream for your viewing pleasure, with Tim “Qun” Sijpkens on site spamming you guys with everything you’ll need to know at all times via our Twitter and IRC Live Chat, thanks Tim.


As you might have noticed, we have now switched to Twitch.tv as our main livestreaming platform. With Twitch being actively involved in supporting the community (such as sponsoring the duel tournament at DHW11) and with our own Cristian “Trance” Tamas working for them, we feel this was the best choice in building a long-term, sustainable partnership.

With origins in Romania and Belgium, Cristian Tamas now operates from Sweden and is better known by his alias “Trance”. A qualified IT Technician, Cristian is perfectly placed to run the Technical side of Level Up TV and is in charge of all operations at live events. Cristian is one of the best technical directors in the esports industry and as a result also works directly with DreamHack and Twitch.tv.
  • http://www.levelupyourgame.net Stuart ‘Disrepute’ Evans

    Can’t wait! GO QUAKE!!!

  • http://twitter.com/OakiDuke Oaki Duke

     I love you nvc and disrepute =D (but 2gd will always be the love of my life :3)

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