Nostalgic Memories from Dreamhack Winter 2011!


November 2011 seems a long time ago… here’s a reminder of what went down that chilly weekend in Finland. The Dreamhack Winter 2011 Team was nVc, Disrepute, Qun and Sharpe. Special thanks to everybody who took part in interviews and guest commentary, especially to 2GD who provided his commentary alongside nVc in the Twitch.TV sponsored 1v1 Grand Final to ~60000 viewers.

Day1 Highlights:

Day2 Highlights:

Day3 Highlights:

Alternatively click here to watch the Day1-3 Mash-up video on YouTube!

British based gamer and commentator Ziggy Orzeszek, is better known by his alias “nVc”. A graduate, Ziggy has commentated some of the largest events in esports and is the lead live events broadcaster at Level Up TV. As Managing Director Ziggy is in charge of driving the Level Up TV brand and it's talent forward.

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