Level Up with Tribes Ascend


Today i’d like to finally, officially confirm the addition of Tribes Ascend under the Level Up TV brand.

Over the last six-to-eight weeks we have been working closely with members of Hi-Rez studios, the developers of Tribes Ascend, in order to determine the viability of this excellent game for both spectators and players alike. From a community perspective, It’s poised to build upon the success and appeal of previous tribes games (albeit different developers), and whilst it must be made clear that the game in it’s current state is not yet ready for center stage, we genuinely believe that the potential it offers to both competitive players and the FPS genre within eSports is enormous. Not only does Tribes Ascend come bundled with fantastic developer support in the form of HiRez Studios through a variety of mediums – a quality often lacking in modern day shooters – but also with a mature and experienced European community thanks to it’s resourceful history under the Tribes franchise.

As quoted from our History page:

“The goal was simple, to provide an online audience with a live, high quality video broadcast accompanied by expert commentary of both minor and major e-sport gaming events.”

It is our aim to strive for that perfect balance between both excitement and expert analysis, and like our ongoing Quake Live coverage, that won’t change with Tribes Ascend. Additionally, with this announcement i’d like to officially welcome Jonni to the Level Up TV team. Jonni is both the founder of Spinfusor.org and player/manager for one of the – currently – stronger closed beta teams: ‘Working as Intended‘. He will be providing Level Up TV with his broadcasting services and for that we are extremely grateful, good luck Jonni!

I’d also like to take this moment to give out some well deserved shoutouts toward our regular guest commentators in Tribes Ascend thus far: HiRez|Bart, Greth and Mono.

If you’ve missed the Tribes Ascend content on Level Up TV,  please visit our level up on demand section to view the first six matches. Alternatively, click here to go directly to the playlist!

As always, thanks for your ongoing support… and remember… don’t llama grab!

British based gamer and commentator Ziggy Orzeszek, is better known by his alias “nVc”. A graduate, Ziggy has commentated some of the largest events in esports and is the lead live events broadcaster at Level Up TV. As Managing Director Ziggy is in charge of driving the Level Up TV brand and it's talent forward.

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