Quake Live VOD | Clanbase 4v4 TDM Nations Cup 2012 | Poland vs Italy | 13/02/2012


Here’s the latest QuakeLive video-on-demand update from our YouTube page. An awesome Quake Live TDM match in the Clanbase 4v4 TDM Nations Cup between Poland and Italy, as commentated by the awesome Level Up TV duo: Disrepute and Vor.

Map1: Grim Dungeons

Map2: Dreadful Place

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British based gamer and commentator Ziggy Orzeszek, is better known by his alias “nVc”. A graduate, Ziggy has commentated some of the largest events in esports and is the lead live events broadcaster at Level Up TV. As Managing Director Ziggy is in charge of driving the Level Up TV brand and it's talent forward.

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