A #TribesAscend showmatch between OnlineWelten and NoFrag

On the 23rd/24th Level Up TV will play host to a series of show matches between a variety of media teams from across the world of gaming. The games, organised by HiRez, should provide a great evenings entertainment.
Showmatch #2: Wednesday 24th February 19:30CET/18:30GMT – OnlineWelten vs NoFrag – As presented by @zronvc, @HiRezBart & Jonni!


We write better than we play. Onlinewelten reports everything on RPGs and MMOs – online and offline – we are really looking forward to the match! OnlineWelten are:

  • GimpelOw
  • Knackbacke
  • Arcadizzlee
  • Crystalight
  • Shad
  • Creature
  • Miri

NoFrag is a French website dedicated to FPS. It has been created in march 2001 by three Tribes fans who played in the Crushed Frogs. The staff consists of hardcore gamers who write primarily by passion. NoFrag are:

  • DrLoser
  • MysticMoule
  • Elton
  • Nooky
  • Ttask
  • Hced
  • Letranger
British based gamer and commentator Ziggy Orzeszek, is better known by his alias “nVc”. A graduate, Ziggy has commentated some of the largest events in esports and is the lead live events broadcaster at Level Up TV. As Managing Director Ziggy is in charge of driving the Level Up TV brand and it's talent forward.
  • DrapersCapers

    Good matches and coverage. I haven’t played much of the beta lately, maybe I should remedy that.

    • zronvc

      Thanks DrapersCapers, and yes you better remedy that before Bart reads your comment!!

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