Sharpe presents: Xentorium


If you don’t already know who Antoine “Sharpe” Goeuriot is by now, well, you should probably take yourself to the pits of grim dungeons and… jump (not recommended, unless you’re Legie)! Sharpe produced our awesome daily event summary videos live from DreamHack Winter 2011. Today, Sharpe is ready to unveil yet another great production in the form of a movie for our resident all Finnish Quake Live team, Xentorium.

“Hi everyone, this is a movie I have been working on since Dreamhack. frs asked me to do the xentorium TDM movie and I was thrilled to do it. I edited everything but he helped a lot on resuscitating the old-school era of quake for the movie. I hope you guys enjoy this, and stay tuned for some next movies to come in the spring!”

- Sharpe

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British based gamer and commentator Ziggy Orzeszek, is better known by his alias “nVc”. A graduate, Ziggy has commentated some of the largest events in esports and is the lead live events broadcaster at Level Up TV. As Managing Director Ziggy is in charge of driving the Level Up TV brand and it's talent forward.
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  • Max Power

    realy nice! love these quad runs

  • Keith

    Very well presented, and a worthy tribute to the effort and dedication it takes to reach that level. And yet . . . IMPRESSIVE IMPRESSIVE EXCELLENT «yawn». The only thing that I haven’t seen before was the crazy rocket jump out to the BFG platform down in Grim Dungeons – I wish I was capable of that!

    You need to take your moviemaking to the next level. Do less in first-person and show more of the arena, so those who aren’t familiar with every single map have a chance of guessing where the fight is going on. Lay off the clips of “me railing dozens of green mooks”. Give your opponents a bit of the limelight; let the viewer see how tough they really are, to show how tough you have to be to take them down.

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