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While many of you might have watched our live coverage from Sweden at the DreamHack event, we also provided a second stream covering games that clashed. This was produced live from our London studio by Disrepute, with additional commentary from nVc and vor.

The playlist for all the matches covered during the two days is found on our YouTube channel here:


Level Up TV is proud to announce we will once again be covering the Quake Live Tournament from DreamHack Summer 2012. To explain all about it I sat down with Zoot for a quick chat.

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Once again we are pleased to announce that will be present, on site, this year during DreamHack Winter (24-27 November) to provide Official Coverage for the Quake Live duel and TDM tournaments.

This is our 5th consecutive DreamHack event after having covered the Winter 2009, Summer 2010, Winter 2010 and Summer 2011 events, therefore we aim to bring you, as always, the best possible coverage.

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