The History


Level Up TV was founded in November 2009 by Ziggy Orzeszek and Stuart Evans. The goal was simple, to provide an online audience with a live, high quality video broadcast accompanied by expert commentary of both minor and major e-sport gaming events.

Although only started as a minor operation, Level Up TV soon grew a sizable audience and found respect for its high standards, and as a result decided to expand its team of broadcasters. A key requisite was that all commentators should have experience at a high level in the game they were broadcasting. This was a gap identified as lacking in much of the esports broadcasting industry.

After two solid years of growth and an expanding team of expert broadcasters and technical staff, Level Up TV is now one of the larger broadcasters in its niche. Over the last 2 years Level Up TV’s website reaches over 60,000 hits a month from an outreach of over 100 countries including all of Europe, Russia and the United States. We currently house over 700 videos and our current broadcasting solution has amassed over 1.3 MILLION channel views.

Since November 2009 the Level Up TV team has assisted in the coverage of a range of major online and LAN based esports events, some of which are listed below:

  • Dreamhack Winter 2009 LAN Finals in Jönköping, Sweden (QL 1v1)
  • Dreamhack Summer 2010 LAN Finals in Jönköping, Sweden (QL 1v1)
  • Dreamhack Winter 2010 LAN Finals in Jönköping, Sweden (QL 1v1)
  • Dreamhack Summer 2011 LAN Finals in Jönköping, Sweden (QL 1v1, TDM)
  • Fnatic.Play MSI LAN 2010 at DHW in Jönköping, Sweden (QL 1v1)
  • ESL: IEM #5 2010 European LAN Finals in Kiev (QL 1v1)
  • ESL: IEM #5 2011 World Finals at CeBiT, Hannover (QL 1v1)
  • ESL: ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 (QL 1v1)
  • ESL: European Major Series 2010 (QL 4v4)
  • ESL: European Major Series 2011 (QL 4v4)
  • ESWC 2010 LAN Finals in Paris, France (QL 1v1 and CS 1.6)
  • GameGune 2010 LAN Finals in Spain (CS 1.6)
  • Arbalet 2010 LAN Finals in Dallas, Texus USA (CS 1.6)
  • Stunlock Studios BETA Championship Tour (BLC)
  • Bloodline Champions Launch Event at Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden (BLC)
  • ESL: Intel Extreme Masters #5 GamesCom Global Challenge 2010 (QL 1v1)
  • MLG Live, 4th July Extravaganza! European Showmatch 2011 (QL 1v1)
  • Assembly Summer 2011, Finland (TF2)
  • Free 2 Play invitational with Valve, 2011 (TF2)

With our new website offering a range of coverage possibilities, and an increasing emphasis on reaching out to social media platforms, we hope to continue rapid growth through 2012.

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