The Team


The management team consists of one of the most experienced broadcasters in the industry, the original founder of Level Up TV; Stuart Evans. He has grown Level Up TV from a tiny, unknown part time operation, into one of the most well-known broadcasters in its niche.

Level Up TV now broadcasts to thousands of individuals in an audience that spreads across the globe. With video channel views of over 3 million and live event broadcasts that can reach 20k concurrent viewers, Level Up TV is now seen as one of the major broadcasters in its area and as a result has worked with a range of the major organisation in the esports industry including DreamHack, ESL, QuakeCon and ESWC.

    • Stuart Evans

Known by his alias “Disrepute”, Stuart is the lead online broadcaster for Level Up TV, specialising in coverage of team based games such as Quake Live TDM. A Graduate and based in the UK, Stuart takes lead on the web developments and show operations. He is also the lead on podcast shows on Level Up TV such as “Were Talking It”.


Alongside the management team are a large selection of hand picked broadcasters and commentators, each of which support the Level Up TV organisation with the highest quality video streams and commentary of both live online gaming tournaments and major LAN events.


In addition to our broadcasting team, Level Up TV has also worked with a number of highly skilled individuals on the technical side in order to provide the best possible service to our audience.

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